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Thanksgiving Meal

Students will enjoy Math after this activity.
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Students will be able to...

1.  Plan, calculate, and 'purchase' food for a Thanksgiving meal.

2.  Math:     Students will work in groups of two.  Students will calculate the cost of a Thanksgiving meal.  They will be required to do a paper and presentation.



Grades 4 – 6
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Engage the students in a discussion about what their parents/family spends on a Thanksgiving meal each year.  Tell them this year they will be hosting Thanksgiving so a meal needs to be planned and prepared.  The attached article talks about classic Thanksgiving meal ideas to get the students thinking about what foods they should plan for.


Activity: Investigating

Provide students with copies of a grocery store flyer.  Ask them to study the advertisements and prepare a shopping list for a Thanksgiving dinner they'll be hosting.  Explain that they must decide how many people they plan to invite, estimate how much of each item they'll need to provide for each person, and then determine how many packages of each item they'll have to purchase. 


When students have completed their grocery lists, ask them to figure out the total cost of the dinner. You might then ask additional questions, such as:

·         If the turkey, priced at $.99 a pound, cost $15.68, how much did it weigh?

·         How much would the vegetables have cost if they were on sale at 1/3 off the regular price?

·         How long would a person have to work, at minimum wage, to pay for the meal? At 10% over minimum wage?

·         How many people would you have to remove from the guest list to reduce the cost of the dinner by 30%?

Using their ipads, students will the begin to make a presentation with posters regarding their Thanksgiving meal.  Cost, pictures of food need to be included.


Activity: Other — Feedback

Students tend to appreciate and value the feedback of their peers. After students have completed their presentation, have them fill out a response form and upload it to Google Docs for peer reviews. Students may need support in what to look for when reviewing the work of their peers. You can include:

1. What did you like best about the presentation?

2. What questions do you have about the presentation?

3. What suggestions would you make to the writer to improve their presentation?