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Thanksgiving Mayflower

Students will enjoy Reading and History with these activities.
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Students will be able to...

1.  Reading:  Students will work independently.  They will use their ipads to research a biography about a Mayflower passenger.  They will be required to give a report and with some guidance and support, students can develop the presentation in first person.

2.  History:   Students will independently take a quiz about Thanksgiving.

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Activity: Presenting

Engage students in talking about what passengers voyage was like saling over to America.  

Start with a little quiz:

True or false? The Pilgrims stole the land for their Colony from the Indians and mistreated them.

True or false? The Mayflower passengers always wore black-and-white clothes without any color.

True or false? The Mayflower was headed for Virginia but, due to a gross navigational error, ended up making landfall at Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

True or false? The Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving every year.

All of those statements are false and are among many myths that are exposed on MayflowerHistory.com.


1.  Have students read the attached article and choose a biography of one of the Mayflower passengers.

2.  Encourage students to try to locate information about why the person was on the ship as well as about what happened after he or she reached the New World.

3.  Then ask students to prepare an oral report about the person they've researched. Have students imagine that he or she is that person and to present the report as a first-person account of the voyage and first winter in Plymouth.


Activity: Creating

Using their ipads, students will now begin drafting their report to the Mayflower passenger.  Remind them that the report needs to be in first person.


Activity: Assessing

Students tend to appreciate and value the feedback of their peers. After students have completed their report, have them upload them to Google Docs for peer reviews.Students may need support in what to look for when reviewing the work of their peers. You can include:

1. What did you like best about the report?

2. What questions do you have about the report?

3. What suggestions would you make to the writer to improve their report?


Attached is the History quiz over Thanksgiving.  Have students answer the 5 questions and submit it.