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Thanks for Thanksgiving

Students will write a short narrative about what they are thankful for.
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  • Students will listen to the book "Thanks for Thanksgiving" by Julie Markes as the teacher reads it aloud.
  • Students will brainstorm as a class and individually the people, things, and activities they are thankful for.
  • Students will organize their thankful thoughts on a graphic organizer.
  • Students will create a story board with writing, speaking, and pictures on the app TinyTap using an iPad using the writing prompt, "Thanks for...." which follows the pattern of the book "Thanks for Thanksgiving" by Julie Markes.
English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Each student gets an iPad and the teacher uses the Smartboard to play the "Thanksgiving Fun!" quiz game on Kahoot. All students will launch the game on their iPad and will answer all 5 questions individually, but at the same time. The Kahoot quiz game is over basic facts about thanksgiving that could have been discussed in a previous lesson.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

1. Teacher will read the story "Thanks for Thanksgiving" by Julie Markes.

2. Discuss the book with the following questions. Write students responses on the Smartboard or chart paper. Here are some suggested questions: "In the story, "Thanks for Thanksgiving," what different things does the author mention that they are thankful for?," “How do the pictures support the writing," "What words are used to start the sentence on each page of the book?" (Thanks for... and Thank you..."

3. Discuss the writing trait "Ideas" and "Presentation" and tell students that those are the two writing traits you are going to be practicing during this lesson.

Ideas: Strong topic, Strong Details, I stick to my topic

Presentation: It is appealing to the eye.


3 Guided Practice

1. Brainstorm as a class different people, things, and activities students are thankful for. Write the responses on the board.

2. Have students give reasons for their thankfulness. E.g. I am thankful for recess because I can spend time with my friends. E.g. I am thankful for my dad because he he always helps me on my homework.

3. Instruct  students to make a mind-map using SpiderScribe on their iPad of 3 - 5 things they are thankful for and 2 supporting reasons.

4 Independent Practice

Students use their iPad and the app TinyTap to make a “Thanks for...” read-aloud story:

1. They will use the thanksgiving themed background, but can add pictures and objects from other themes.

2. They must write a full sentence on every page that says, “Thanks for...” or "Thank you for..." They will use their mind-map they made to help them write their sentences for their storyboard.

3. After writing, students will put pictures on each of their story board pages that match the sentences they wrote.

4. Then students must record themselves on the TinyTap app reading their storyboard aloud.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

Students will present their "Thanks for...." TinyTap stories in class either in small groups or as a whole class.