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Text Structure Using Scholastic News

Students will choose an article from Scholastic New and create a text structure of the article. They will include a summary and the author's purpose.
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Students will be able to...read grade level text independently, create a text structure from the informational text, write a summary, and explain the author's viewpoint, using text evidence to support their understanding.

6.10C - explain how organizational patterns develop the main idea and the author's viewpoint. 

English Language Arts
Grades 6
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

This activity can be used with any Scholastic News. I am using the October 30, 2017 Edition 5/6. The front page of the newspaper shows a smart phone with the title: "How to Become a YouTube Star". I think my students will be interested in this topic. The newspaper also includes article about monkeys, earthquakes, and Halloween.

Ask the students how many like to watch YouTube in the spare time?

Ask what types of things they like to watch on YouTube?

Who are some of their favorite YouTube stars?

In just a few minutes you will have a chance to read an informational text that tells how to become a YouTube star.

2 Guided Instruction

This is the third week of teaching text structure, author's purpose and summary. All of these parts have been previously taught, and by now, the students are very comfortable with them. 

Have them view the text structure rap.

Review the text structures that were previously. Pass out students' journals so they have notes and examples of all the text structures. Review summary and author's purpose. Remind students to use the anchor charts for both. Pass out Scholastic News and have the students preview the headlines in newspaper for a few minutes. Ask the students which topics interest them the most. 

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Reading

You are going to choose one article to read. Then, you will choose at least one text structure used by the author in the article. You will write a summary of the article and include the author's viewpoint. You will work with a partner.

Student Instructions

Working with a partner, read aloud one article. Use one piece of art paper, ruler, markers, and crayons to complete your project. Do your very best work.

4 Presentation

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will call on groups to make presentations and assign a grade.

Student Instructions

Students will present their projects to the class and share what they learned.