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Text Mapping in Inkboard and Keynote

Traditional text mapping with a twist.
Gregory J.
Technology coordinator
Andrews Heights Elementary School
Tornado, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to do digital text mapping using Inkboard and Keynote

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

The teacher will demonstrate Inkboard app.  This will include drawing from the easel screen, taking a picture and marking it up and retrieving a picture from photos.  The students will be shown how to use each tool that appears both in photos and drawing.  The tools are the eraser, crayon, pen, marker, pencil, chalk, highlighter and wide marker.

The teacher will also demonstrate Keynote and how to make an interactive presentation.   

Student Instructions

The students will be given time to explore both apps learning how to use each feature.

2 Direct Instruction Day #1

Teacher will demonstrate text mapping in Inkboard.  This will include taking a picture of the title page and circling the author and title in different colors and writing the words author and title.  The teacher will proceed through the book taking pictures of all text features they want the students to text map and how they want them to map it.  This may include the table of contents, index, glossary, headings, subtitles, sidebars, pictures an captions, labeled diagrams, charts and graphs, maps, cutaways, cross sections, and inset photos.  Finally, the students will be shown how to save each of this pictures to photos.

Student Instructions

Students will begin to text map their story in Inkboard.

3 Direct Instruction Day #2

Teacher will demonstrate how to create a basic interactive Keynote.  If you wish to shorten and skip  this day you may create the Keynote and Airdrop it to each of the students

  1. Create a Keynote that is one more slide long then the number of pictures you have.
  2. On the first slide create buttons (shapes) for the number of pictures you have.
  3. Make each button linked to a different slide.
  4. Label the buttons by double tapping, this should be the type of text mapping being down on that slide.
  5. Each slide except for the first one needs to have a button on it linked to the first slide.
  6. Insert the Inkboard pictures that you have text mapped.
Student Instructions

Students will create there own Keynotes minus the text mapping pictures.

4 Guided Practice Day #3

Students will work with a partner text mapping their story in Inkboard.

Student Instructions

Have students partner up and text map their story with a partner.

Remind students to save their pictures of text mapping to their photos

5 Independent Work Day #4

Students will fill in the Keynote they created on Day #2 with the pictures from the text mapping they created in Day #3 in Inkboard.

Student Instructions

Students will work independently on placing their text mapping pictures in Keynote.

6 Wrap Up

Students will add one slide to the end of their presentation.  They will then write a one paragraph reflection on what they liked or didn't like about creating an interactive Keynote.

Student Instructions

Add one more slide and write a one paragraph reflection on what you liked or didn't like about creating an interactive Keynote.