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Understanding regular and semi-regular tessellations
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Students will be able to...identify and determine if a shape can be a regular tessellation or semi-regular tessellation.

Grades 5 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

Google Image Search: tessellation.

Have the students brainstorm what it might mean?
What are similarities?
What are some differences?

Student Instructions

Google Image Search: tessellation.

Brainstorm what it might mean?
What are similarities?
What are some differences?

2 Direct Instruction

CoolMath does a great job of given instruction and examples of tessellations, regular tessellations, semi-regular tessellations and relating them to geometric shapes. 

Student Instructions

Follow along with the cool math lesson about tessellations.

What shapes can be used for regular tessellations?
What shapes can be used for semi-regular tessellations?
Where in real live have you seen tessellations?

3 Guided practice

Activity: Exploring

Have students in groups create their own tessellations on a 8x8 square. This can be easily differentiated by assigning lower groups squares, triangles, and higher groups other shapes.

You may need to have some shapes premade.

Student Instructions

Create your own tessellation for a backsplash on the kitchen wall. What can you create? Use shapes and colors to make it pleasing to the eye.