Lesson Plan

Telling Time

This lessonflow is designed to make to objective of telling time concrete for young students.

Students will be able to...grasp a better concept of how to tell time, and know what time it is by looking at a traditional clock.

Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

After insuring that every student has the Kid Paint App, the students will get five minutes of time to draw a clock. This gives them and introduction of what is to come, while also being fun! Walk around and make sure that the students are drawling clocks. 

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

Have the students devices locked and shut during this step. On the teachers board draw a picture of a clock. Ask the students if their clocks looked like your?! Good. Then proceed to explain the clock and review it's parts. Talk about each hand and what they mean. Also discuss and go over the numbers, count to 12, and remind them that their are five minutes in between the two numbers.

3 Guided Practice

Students can now open their devices again, but with only the Jungle Time app allowed open. Allow the students to explore and get use to telling time and the use of a clock. The app will test their knowledge of telling time without the pressure of grading. The app will provide a report of how each student did in the end of the exercise.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Debating

Putting all student devices away, have the students get out a blank sheet of paper. On the clock that is still drawn on the board by the teacher, draw random times and have the students yell out the answers to the time shown. Continue this for about 10-20 random time displays on the clock to guarantee they understand the concept. Take time to explain any time that they all get wrong.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing

At this point the students should have a concrete idea of what telling time is and how to do it. Allow the students to complete a worksheet with 10 clocks on it, with their job is to tell the time on the face of the clock. If they do not finish in the allowed time you give them, the worksheet becomes homework. Use this worksheet to assess if the students understood how to tell time.