Lesson Plan

Technology Lesson

Students will be participating in a technology lesson that allows them to review and apply what they have already learned thus far in math class.

Students will be able to...

  • Solve different review problems by completing online activity and trying to get a score of 150

Grades 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will display the activator and objective for the day on the Smart Board.

Teacher will instruct students to copy down the objective in the objective box of their paper and today's date.

Teacher will instruct students to complete the activator in the activator box and will give students five minutes to complete the activator for the day.

Student Instructions

Students will solve the following activator questions in the activator box.

  • What are the values of: - l-4l  -l15l  l-12l ?
  • What are the opposites to those answers?”

2 Mini Lesson and Laptop Distribution

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will ask students how they think we can use the internet and technology to support our learning in math class.

Teacher will explain to students they will be doing math on the laptops today.

Teacher will hand out the laptops to students and assist them with signing onto the laptops, and opening the internet to then get onto the correct website.

Teacher will walk students through signing onto the correct website.

Once students have clicked on "see all 303 sixth-grade skills" link, teacher will tell students the sections they are required to do.

  1. A.1 found under Whole Numbers
  2. B.1 and B.2 found under multiplication
  3. M.1 and M.2 found under integers
  4. C.1 and C.2 and C.3 found under division
  5. R.1 and R.2 and R.3 found under ratios, proportions, and percent's.

Teacher will click A.1 and walk them through a couple of problems

Teacher will remind them they are trying to get a score of at least 150 points in each section.

Student Instructions

When the students receive their laptops from the teacher, they will do the following:

  1. Turn on the laptops and sign on using their username and passwords they have used since 3rd grade
  2. Open up Internet Explorer
  3. Wait for teachers instruction on opening the correct website.

Once all students have opened up Internet Explorer, they will do the following steps as the teacher does them over the SmartBoard:

  1. Type in "IXL.com"
  2. Pick the math subject on the top left of the page
  3. Click on "sixth-grade skills" in blue bold print
  4. Click on "see all 303 sixth-grade skills" link


3 Independent Work

Teacher will post the sections back on the SmartBoard for the students so they know which ones they are doing.

Teacher will walk around and check in on students to make sure they are on task.

Student Instructions

Students will independently do different problems from the posted sections on the SmartBoard.

Students will keep track of their scores per section.

4 Debrief / Summarizer

Teacher will instruct students to open the given link, copy the picture in Word and write their summarizer of the day into the given document.

Teacher will post the summarizer for the students to do.


Student Instructions

Students will go to the given link and copy and paste the document into word.

Students will answer the following summarizer questions in the given document:

  1. Your friend needs extra practice but has done all of the worksheets given, how can your friend get extra practice using technology?
    1. Describe the website that was used today
    2. Describe how it was used and helpful
  2. Record the scores you got for each section
    1. Which section challenged you most?