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Bayley L.
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University Of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, United States
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My Grades 7
My Subjects Social Studies

Students will be able to...

1. Create a presentation about a place they have traveled using the Prezi program. 

2. Demonstrate their knowledge of the Prezi program using Kahoot.

3.  Compare and contrast Prezi and one other presentation program using the Prezi program 

Social Studies
Grades 12
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1 The activaitor or attention grabber

-Give introduction

-Ask what students already know about the program/have used it before 

-Go over quick Prezi about "my family". 


Student Instructions

-Share previous knowledge about Prezi

2 Direct instruction

3 Facilitated practice

-Put students in groups 

-"In your small group, compare and contrast Prezi and another presentation program." 

-Create a Prezi about similarities and differences of Prezi and another presentation program

-Ask students how to do this or that during this process

Student Instructions

-Compare and contrast Prezi and another presentation program

-Share their ideas 

-"help" instructor create Prezi 

4 Indepentent practice

-"Now on your own create a Prezi about a place you have visited or a place you want to visit" 

- Have students share their Prezi with a partner 

-Have students share their difficulities using this program 

Student Instructions

-Create a Prezi about a place 

-Share Prezi with a partner 

-Share difficulties with Prezi 


5 Wrap up

-Create a Kahoot quiz about Prezi 

-Have students take quiz 

-Give a brief overview of Prezi 

Student Instructions

-Take quiz