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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Students will be able to...

work collaboratively to solve problems through sequencing

work collaboratively to use sequencing to revise code and complete coding challenges in an iterative process.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 2
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1 Meet Dash

Teacher will have a program ready to go for Dash and have Dash move about th circle of students creating noises and words for the students.  Teacher will then explain that they too will make Dash move about.

Teacher should follow the plan for Sounds and Light through the Wonder website (teacher will need to sign up)

Student Instructions

As a team, you will use the cards to have Dash solve some problems.  You will need to use the ipads to help Dash out.

2 Sequencing

Before we can help Dash, we will need to review what we mean by sequencing - what is does that mean?  (have short discussion and then show video)

3 Taking care of Dash

Project the Taking Care of Dash with students; then work with students to assign roles and how to rotate through the roles.  Have the cards set up for them and demonstrate how to go through them.  Have an opportunity for students to reflect - verbally, video, etc.  For the first time through, I would work with the students have them verbally reflect with me.