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Teaching US History events such as Prohibition and the Progressive Era

This app flow will take you through an interactive digitally rich lesson on the topic of Prohibition and the Progressive Era (Please note that this app flow will work great with ANY Social Studies Content)
Bekah H.
Technology coordinator
Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School (Oklahoma City, OK)
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to identify key points that lead up to Prohibition. 

Students will be able to analyze an article on the topic of Prohibition. 

Students will be able to evaluate events leading up to and surrounding Prohibition and explain their evaluation in a discussion setting. 

Students will be able to create a concept map that lists and connects the events and facts surrounding prohibition. 

Students will be able to create a unique comic that depicts a significant event in Prohibition. 

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Students will begin this lesson by going to a Lino it board to post what they currently know about the Progressive Era. Then students will watch a short video about Prohibition and the Temperance movement. Next students will post a photograph of themselves that depicts their response to the video. This task activates students' prior knowledge by asking them to list what they already know about the Progressive Era and Prohibition. Lino it is engaging and the video will provoke students to inquire more about this period in history. 

2 Direct Instruction

Students will take notes using the flexible note taking tool Notability. I have created a folder in Google Drive where students can export slides that will be used in the lecture. I have created slides for them to answer certain questions with information that will provided during the lecture. 

Once students are finished taking notes they must upload their notes into a personal Google Drive folder that is only shared with me and that student. 

3 Guided Practice

As a class students will have to use their research skills to find interesting articles or blogs on the Internet about the particular era. I will create a class Learnist board where students will have to post an article that relates directly to Prohibition. This can be an informational article or something that is more opinion. Once every student has posted an article to our board they will read one another postings and provide comments for each article, thus sparking an online discussion centered on our content. 

4 Independent Practice


Next students will work in small groups of 3 or 4 to create a concept map about prohibition and the progressive era. Students will collaborate together to add important dates or information about prohibition. This activity will allow for students to organize all of the dates and events of prohibition as well as make connections between important events in history. So students might have a post for the Temperance movement and explain what it was and it will lead to a connection of Prohibition Law and that amendment. Students will have to provide a brief description of how these events are related. 

This task gives students opportunity to practice placing the information they have learned into a format where they can demonstrate creativity and innovation while showing their mastery of the content. Each concept map will serve as a type of formative assessment for the instructor.  For example if a major event is missing from every groups concept map this should be indication to the instructor to recover that content. 

5 Wrap-Up

Comic Life
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The last task for this unit is for students to create a comic about a particular event in this time period. I will provide students with a rubric that they will use for the creation of this assignment. For example, a student might create a comic about how the 21st Amendment of Prohibition led to illegal "bootlegging" of alcohol. Students will be required to share their comic and provide a short presentation about what event or information is depicted in the comic.