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Teaching Digital Citizenship Using Digital Devices

Students take their knowledge of social media and use it to create their own PSA
Valerie H.
Technology coordinator
Milford Brook
Manalapan, United States
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My Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to gather valid information regarding the nine elements of digital citizenship and create a Public Service Announcement video focusing on one or more of the elements.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 5 – 6
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1 The Hook

Set up the BrainPop website on a computer connected to the LCD projector

Reserve a set of class iPads to access the Brainpop website 

Log into BrainPop and bring up the Digital Citizenship topic. Several icons will appear with the various videos associated with it.

The Big Announcement: "You will be on creating video bits based on the element of digitial citizenship you and your group have chosen. It will be uploaded to YouTube when completed and approved." 

The nine elements of digital citizenship can be found here: http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/Nine_Elements.html

Student Instructions

Think about what area of digital citizenship your group would like to focus on.

Begin at BrainPop's website. Discuss with your group which element you want to focus upon in the PSA."


2 Direct Instruction: The Idea

Free, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid

Using BrainPop's Digital Citizenship videos, students will begin to explore the element the group decided upon for their PSA. 

If the group feels they need additional online resources prior to starting their storyboard, they may further explore the digital citizenship website: http://www.digitalcitizenship.net

Once the group has enough valid information, they will begin to brainstorm using MindMeister to record their ideas. 

Upon deciding how to approach the element and the basic structure of the PSA, students will begin to create a story board using Storyboard That website. 

Student Instructions

"First your group will choose an element and a more specific topic (for example if you choose Digital Communication, then decided what device(s) and what your focus will be in your 2 minute video). 

Then, you will either watch a BrainPop video that relates to your topic or if one isn't applicable, to to the resources on digitalcitizenship.net and begin to gather information. 

To gather your ideas, you will use the MindMeister site to brainstorm."

When you come to a consensus as to what your video will focus upon, you will use the Storyboard That website to begin to plan out your PSA. 

3 Facilitation Mode: Storyboard to Filming

Activity: Creating

At this point, students will be working productively with their groups to plan out, write the script, gather the materials needed to film, set up the scene, and film the PSA. 

The teacher(s) will facilitate and monitor each group for their productivity level. One member of the group should report to the teacher at various points for updates on where in the project the group is working. 

Students will be filming using one of these possible methods: iPads, iPhones, digital video

Student Instructions

"Your group will be using the Storyboard That website to plan out your PSA. Appoint one member to act as a liason with me so that when I call for updates, s/he will be able to tell me where in the process your group is currently working.

Your general plan should go something along these lines:

  • Complete your storyboard
  • Write the script (assign actors, directors, videographer)
  • Gather your materials, supplies needed to film
  • Designate an area(s) for filming 
  • Film your 2-3 minute video

4 Presentation Time: Upload Your PSA

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Students will upload their films to their Google Accounts and into YouTube after getting approval from the teacher. If editing is necessary, students may use iMovie or another program they have at their disposal. 

Uploaded videos will be viewed in-class if time allows. If not, students will view group videos at home and post postiive feedback in the comments section


5 Wrap Up: It's a Wrap

Activity: Assessing

Once the class has commented on all the groups' videos, students will assess the project in its entirety and offer feedback and insight into the process (what worked, what could be improved) 

Feedback could be done via in-class discussion or through a Google Form (either anonymously or with names included)

Student Instructions

"I want to thank you all for your positive feedback on all the group videos. You not only created a PSA on the topic of digital citizenshiop, you participated and conducted yourself in a way that good digital citizens should." 

"What I'd like now is your feedback."