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Tangram Fun

Tangrams are great tools for geometry, area, perimeter, and fractions. This is a fun activity to give students at the beginning of the year so tangrams can brought out again throughout the year.
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Students will be able to...  

  • Recognize the 7 shapes that make a square.
  • Tangrams are great tools for geometry, area, perimeter, and fractions.
  • Practice and create shapes using Tangram pieces.
  • Use problem solving skills to create animal Tangrams.




English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook/Direct Instruction/Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring
  1. Hand out copies of Tangram pieces for students to explore.
  2. Hand out shape sheets to student pairs.

    Transparencies of each animal shown in the story Grandfather Tangs's Story


  3. As you are reading the story the students can try to figure out the next animal by using the clues given in the reading.

Student Instructions
  1. Explore with Tangrams
  2. ​Create the animals using paper tanagram pieces

2 Independent Practice

  • Students will work in pairs to complete the Tangram puzzles using OSMO tanagram pieces.
  • Move about the room checking for understanding and cooperative grouping. 


Student Instructions

​Use OSMO Tanagrams to create more animals.

3 Wrap Up

  1. Introduce students to Educreations app
  2. Demonstrate inserting grid paper and creating tangram shapes and align them to create an animal
Student Instructions
  1. For this step you will create your own tangram animal using the Educreations app on the ipad.
  2. Be sure to describe each piece in your animal and name it.