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Talking about Geography

Kids use apps to learn names of countries and continents and use their directional vocabulary (north, south, east, west, NW, SW, SE and SW) to describe to their partner locations.
Sara Lissa P.
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Students will be able to...

practice your knowledge of the states of the United States, the continents, countries, and oceans of the world.

use their directional words to describe to their friendpartner where a place on the globe is located in terms of another place. 


English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Essential question: Why is it important to read maps and know names of different states of the US and different continents and countries of the world?

Who doesn't love a quiz? Or spinning the globe and seeing where you land?

Today we are going to learn about geography and talk about what we learned with a prtner. 

A strategy we will use is to use quizzes on the apps WOW maps, Continents, and TapQuiz (States). After that, we can explore photos of different continents on GeoWalk. I am going to demo how each app works on the LCD TV

I will show the major features of the app and will sample the quiz. I want you to focus on one continent. Try to learn as much as you can about its geography. Use your directional words to tell your partner where that country is. Give each pair a question: Where is Africa? Where is the Actic Ocean? etc.

Now you try to learn more about the world’s geography. First learn the names of the continents on WOW maps, practice your knowledge with the quiz. Second, learn about oceans on Continents. Third, practice knowledge of US on TapQuiz. Lastly, explore the world on GeoWalk and share 1-2 facts.

Outcome wanted: Students will be able to reflect on their learning by writing a short paragraph about a favorite app of the four, and backing up that opinon with 1-2 facts they you learned, including directional vocabulary: South, North, East, West, NW, NE, NW, and SW.

Extension: Share which country or continent you would like to visit and why.