Lesson Plan

Take Cyberbully & Meanness & Kill it with Kindness

Which factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty, and what can you do to lessen them? Students will be given different scenarios where they will need to identify the different roles of each.
Stephanie V.
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Hopewell Senior High School
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to...

1.      SWBAT reflect on the factors that intensify online cruelty and cyberbullying.

2.      SWBAT identify what targets and Upstanders can do when online cruelty occurs.

3.      SWBAT recognize their own role in escalating or de-escalating online cruelty

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Activating prior Knowledge

Prior to students arrival Meanness will be written big in the middle of the white board. In Google classroom the teacher assigned the question "what is meanness?"

The next day before students arrival the teacher wrote synonyms of the word mean on the white board in black and blue (representing bruises). 

We will discuss that mean word can lead to physical harm the black and blue words which are especially symbolic and can help facilitate the discussion about the breadth of vocabulary associated with mean behavior & discuss unfamiliar words.



Student Instructions

Students had to answer in their own words what meanness is?

Students were asked to identify what they noticed different upon entering the room. 


2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will begin slideshow presentation and as a class we will discuss and define the terms meanness, cyberbully, trolling, flaming, target, offender, bystander, upstander, escalate and de-escalate. 


Student Instructions

Students will watch short videos on Ricardo and Stacey’s cyberbullying experiences and answer questions.

Students will hear about real world examples including Rebecca Sedwick's story. Students will watch and reflect on Break the Bullying video where they take a middle school situation and stage it using adult coworkers. 

3 Guided Practice

Students will view "What's Going On?” Video that communicates how one can overcome meanness and bullying. At the conclusion of video, I will choose a mean word and replace with a 'kind' word, then hand the colored marker to a student and ask for their help and have all of the other students follow.

Student Instructions



Students will replace one mean word with a kind word using a colored marker answering the question of "How Do You Want to be Remembered?"

After everyone has had a chance to contribute, we will discuss how 'meanness' wasn't totally eliminated, but that 'kindness' overtakes the overwhelming presence of meanness. Students will then Blog about the week to allow the students to continue to reflect and share the week's experience.

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will upload the documents with directions to Google Classroom.

Student Instructions

Students will conduct research for a student(s) that were either bullied or cyber-bullied and then share with the class.


5 Assessment/ Wrap-up

Teacher will need to share finished interactive review for students to access the link. 

Student Instructions

Students will complete online interactive review of Cyberbullying Topic.

Students will create an anti-cyber bullying poster using Canva.com to be displayed throughout the buildings for cyberbully prevention month.