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Tackk the Historical Perspective

Students Gain Historical Perspective Through First Person Accounts
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Students will be able to recall, analyze, and create with History content

Social Studies
Grades 8 – 12
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1 Bell Ringer

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Teacher puts together a Google Form with Open Ended Questions for both the Bell Ringer nd Exit Ticket and then sends that form through a variety of communication channels such as Remind, Google +, and the class website

Student Instructions

Students go to the Google Form and Complete the Bell Ringer Question, "What Historical Figure Interest You from the Time Period We Are Studying? Why does that person interest you?"

2 Research Historical Figures

The teacher then has students research their chosen figure while keeping in mind the following question... "If this person were to build a website about themselves, what would be in their biography page"

Student Instructions

Research the figure you chose in the Bell Ringer. As you research, answer the following question, " If that person were to create a biography page for their own website, what would be on it?"

3 Research the Public Opinion of that Person

Have students continue their research with the following question in mind "What did other people of the time period think of your figure both good and bad?

Student Instructions

Continue your research. Work to answer the following question, "What did other people of the time period think of your figure both good and bad?

4 Creating Your Tackk


Have students create a 1 page biography page on Tackk as their chosen historical figure. Then have them also use the comments to comment as other people of the time in just the way they would comment if this website still exsisted

Student Instructions

Using Tackk.com, you are going to create the biography page of your historical figure. Be creative! Keep in mind what you think they would want on theri biography page. When you are finished use the comment section to post comments from other people of the time period. What would those individuals actually say?

5 Exit Ticket

Google Drive
Free, Paid

On the same form you created in the beginning for the exit ticket you also have the questions, " What did your historical figure think of himself? What did the public think of him/her?"

Student Instructions

Go to the same Google Form the Bell Ringer was one and complete the Exit Ticket Question.