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Systems of Inequalities

Find the solution set of a system of inequalities
Angela P.
Classroom teacher
Foreign Language Academy of Global Studies
Bronx, United States
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Students will be able to...find a solution set for systems of inequalities.

Grades 10
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1 Motivational Activity/ Do now

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How students log on to Socrative to answer questions  involving finding the solution set for linear equations.  This data is used to gage the students understanding of the previous lesson and can also be used to group students by skill level. I would use three linear equations each with a different skill level (basic, average, advanced). 


Student Instructions

Students will use Socrative on the IPODs to  answer questions reviewing how to  find the solution set to linear equations. 

2 Mini lesson

Model examples of finding the solutions set for linear inequalities for students using different forms of technology. Model one example in standard form and three of four not in standard form. 

Student Instructions

Students will view and interact with technology as a class showing two examples then will view two more examples of how to find the solution set individually on the IPods. 

3 Classwork

Students will be given 4 inequalities to graph and find the solution set of each graph. 

Student Instructions

Students will create graphs of linear inequalities. 

4 Summary

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Ask students " How do you find the solution set of the following inequalities?"



Student Instructions

Use Padlet to write a step by step instruction on  " How do you find the solution set of the following inequalities?