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Systems of Equations

Students will explore different strategies that allow them to solve systems of equations efficiently.
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Students will be able to solve systems of equations using substitution.

Grades 8 – 10
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Free, Paid

Teacher will create 3 substitution questions on the Kahoot template to assess students prior knowledge of solving systems of equations with substitution (survey mode).


Questions will be listed under student instructions.  

Student Instructions

Students will respond to the following questions utilizing the Kahoot template.

1. x- 2y = 27

    y = 5x

a. (-3, -15)      b. (-3, -16)     c. (-4, -20)     d. (3, 15)


2. x + 3y = 1

    5x + 2y = -21

a. (-6, 3)    b. (-5, 2)    c. all ordered pairs along x + 3y = 1

d. no solution


3. y = 13 - 3x

   9y + 2x = -8

a. (-5, -2)    b. (5, 2)    c. (-5, 2)    d. (5, -2) 


2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will show a video from Khan Academy on the topic of solving systems of equations with substitution.


Teacher will expand upon the video by teaching three more examples on the board.

*Same questions from Hook/Attention Getter


Student Instructions

Students will be instructed to watch the short video clip from Khan Academy and take notes on the problem/s being taught.

Students will ask questions/worth through the hook/attention getter questions with teacher.  Students may volunteer to participate interactively at the board.   

3 Guided Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will give pairs of students a system of equations to solve with substitution.  Students will be instructed to collaborate with each other to solve their system and demonstrate to classmates how to solve.  

Teacher will observe the classroom to classify the students that need more assistance with their system of equations.

Systems include:

1. y = 5x -4

    y = 5x - 5

2. 2x - 3y = -1

    y = x - 1

3.  y = 5x - 7

     -3x - 2y = -12

4.  -4x + y = 6

     -5x - y = 21

5.  -3x + 3y = 4

     -x + y = 3

Student Instructions

Students will be given instructions to work with their partner to solve the system of equations given.  They will be prompted to ask questions if needed.


Students will present their solution to the class, demonstrating mastery to their classmates.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will notify a select group of about the use of Khan Academy on the computers.  These students are the "middle of the road" performers.  

*Refer to the link from direct instruction.

The below-average performers will work in a small group setting with the teacher while the "high flyers" will work independently on a worksheet.  High flyers may also explore the option of completing a scavenger hunt.



Student Instructions

Students will be given specific instructions from the teacher about their placement within the classroom.  

5 Wrap Up

Free, Paid

Teacher will set up two questions on Kahoot in order to assess student learning.  

The two systems are as follows:

1. y = 6x + 11

   2y - 4x = 14

2. 2x - 3y = -4

    x + 3y = 7

Student Instructions

Students will be instructed to enter their response on the kahoot template.