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Sway with Biographies

Students will create a Microsoft Sway about a famous person.
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Students will be able to... create a Sway presentation using their research from a biography report.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

The teacher will need to have a sway example to show their students.  This will also students to see a final product and the simplicity of a sway.

Student Instructions

Students will watch the sway that the teacher has prepared.

2 Allow students to explore

You can use the app or the website through Office 365.  The teacher will then show the students each of the cards that the sway has to offer.  Allowing them the ability to add information about their famous person as they go along step by step.  

First start with the title.  Then add text cards.  After adding text cards, add pictures, videos and other cards needed.  

This could take a few lessons to get through all of the cards if  you do all together.  You could also show each of the cards and then let the students continue adding more on their own.

3 Allow students to create

The teacher will now allow students to work on their own finishing their sway.  During this time, the teacher can assist students who may need help.

Student Instructions

The students now have the ability to work on their presentation on their own.

4 Share presentations

Allow the students time to share their Sways.

Student Instructions

Students share their Sways to the class.