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Surveys with Google Forms

Students collect data by creating their own surveys.
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Students will be able to create a survey by using google docs. Students use a form to create a questionnaire so they can collect any data they want and display the results in a chart or table.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 The hook-Teacher-created Survey gets them interested

Google Drive
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Students take a quick survey that the teacher has created.  The first question is for the students to enter their name. The rest of the questions can be answered in a variety of ways: yes/no, multiple choice, check all that apply, etc. The questions are fun and not too difficult. As each student submits their answers, the teacher has the results on the SmartBoard for everyone to see.

2 Direct Instruction-Students ask questions about asking questions

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher shows students how the different pieces of data are displayed, depending on the question asked. The students brainstorm about some questions they can ask in a survey and what type of chart would display their data. The teacher models how to create questions for the students to create their own survey.

3 Guided Practice-Students become the master

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The students create their own survey using the variety of questions available. Questions can be extremely varied. Students can create a math test, a history test, or gather opinions on certain topics. If the student cannot create possible answers for the question, they know they should reword the question. Students can work in pairs to create their survey.

4 Independent practice-Your opinion please.

Google Drive
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When the survey has been checked by the teacher, it can be uploaded to a spreadsheet where each student’s survey is posted. Everyone in the class can now see each other’s survey and take them. The results from each survey will come to the student who created it. The student then studies the data and displays the results from their survey.

5 Wrap Up-What will you do with what you now know?

Google Drive
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The teacher can review with the students how they can use this task in their other classes. What group projects could benefit from a survey? Getting opinions on possible school trips or new clubs in the school would be a few ways students could utilize this skill.