Lesson Plan

Summarizing And All That Jazz

Help students learn to summarize and retell sequence!

Student will learn to engage their working memory in order to read, comprehend, and pick out main points in an article.  This will allow them to retell and sequence the article.

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 10
1 Research
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1 Research

Tell students to get in pairs- they have been predetermined according to lexile scores- and find an article on the website that they would enjoy reading.  Each pair of students will be required to analyze, summarize, and create a presentation on their article.

Student Instructions

Using Newsela, you will find a current issues article that intrigues you.  Skeptically consider the accuracy of the article and its source and read it over with a partner.  Be able to answer questions and have in-depth discussion with your partner abot the article.  Then, create a presentation (format of your choosing) and share your presentation with the class. Each presentation should last from 5-10 minutes and should cover the most relevant parts of the article, sequence the events, and have your response or opinion on the issue.