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Students will learn more about summarizing through text, video and group work.
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Students will be able to determine how a central idea of a text is conveyed through particular details and provide an objective summary of the text.

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Turn and talk - Ask students to share a quick summary of their favorite movie with someone near them.

2 Direct Instruction

Using nearpod.com, have students join the interactive lesson using the class join code. Students will type their answers and the teacher will share responses with the class through their computers.

In your own words explain what a summary is?

Circle the word that describes a good summary and cross out the rest.

Students will read the story, The Little Red Hen and write a

summary for it.

3 Guided Practice


Play a TED Talk to the class.  (I used "The Hidden Power of Smiling")

Hand out the “Note Taking While Watching a TED talk” worksheet, and explain to students that they are going to have to write a summary of the arguments made by the speaker, so they must make detailed notes while watching.

Students will now discuss the talk in their small groups. They should compare notes, filling in what they missed and others noted.

Hand out the “Planning A Summary” page to students, and instruct them (as a group) to complete this page. They need to decide on the main points of the talk, with any key details which should be included in a summary. Remind them that they can’t include everything, but they should have an overview of the whole talk.

4 Independent Practice

Each student should submit their summary on Canvas.

5 Wrap-Up

Using Flipgrid, record yourself reading your summary.  Once you have published it, be sure to view some of your classmate's summaries.