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Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences

Metacoginition, responsibility, and mastery all in one replicable flow
Jay V.
District Digital Learning Coach
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Students will be able to...

Create, organize, and make decisions about what they would like to share with their teacher and their parents during student-led conferences.

Use technology to showcase their journey through learning.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 12
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1 Gather Resources

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Instruct/Model for the students how to gather the resources they would like to share with their parents for student-led parent-teacher conferences.  Anything completed in a place other than Google can be screen captured or photographed and then uploaded into Google Drive as a .pdf or .jpg files.

Student Instructions

Select the work you would like to share during parent-teacher conferences.  Be sure to choose work that may include your process for learning and/or your improvement since the last time there were conferences.  Document where you began and where you are now.  It's important to show your journey through your learning.

2 Create a Script

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Support students with creating a script for their student led conference video.  Some kids may need a template to work from.  Google Classroom is a perfect tool to access and use Google document templates.

3 Create your Video to Share

Movenote for Education
Free to try, Paid
Google Drive
Free, Paid

Show students how to upload Google Docs, Google Slides, .pdf, and .jpg files into Movenote for their conference videos.  The script the students created in the last step will be used as the students talk their parents through the work they choose to put in their Movenote movies.

4 Sharing/Feedback from Teacher/Classmates (Optional)

Pre-conference feedback can be gathered in two different ways if needed.  One, the link to their  Movenote videos can be placed in a discussion in Schoology.  From there the students can view each other's Movenotes and give feedback to their classmates.   

Another more private option would be submitting Movenote links via an assignment in Schoology or as a link in Google Classroom (depending on access and preference.)  Videos can be recorded again as needed until the students reach a "finished" product.

5 Submitting/posting Movenote videos for conferences

As Movenote videos are as finished there are a few different options for posting finished products to allow access during parent-teacher conferences.  

If your district has Schoology enterprise accounts have the students copy the embed code for their Movenote videos, create a portfolio in their Schoology profile, make the portfolio public, then paste the Movenote embed code into a page in the portfolio.  Portfolios are then accessed via their unique URLs.  The portfolio URLs can be posted within a Schoology discussion or turned in more privately via a Schoology assignment.  

If your school or district does not use Schoology students may post links to their Movenotes via an assignment or question/discussion in Google Classroom.  Links can also be posted more publicly in a shared Google document which has the editing rights changed to "view "after students post what they need to in the document.  

There are many options and flexibility depending on your need for public access or privacy at this step.  Either way these steps can be replicated for any content area use for student-led parent-teacher conferences and more!