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Structure and Function of Plants

Students will describe structure of trees and list the function of each part.
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Students will be able to...draw a tree and describe the function of each part (roots, trunk, leaves, seeds). 

Grades 1
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating

Ask students if they think all trees are made the same. 

Prompting questions as students are observing: 

- Are all the trees leaves the same?

-Are they all the same size?

-Do all the parts of the different trees look the same?

Student Instructions

Students observe different kinds of trees in their neighborhood. 


2 Direct Instruction

After students watch the video, make a diagram of a plant together on the smartboard. Find and label the parts of the plant that was discussed in the video. Talk about the function of each part.


Student Instructions

Students watch the brainpop jr. video on the parts of a plant.