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Story Elements: Who, What, When, Where, Details

Students will use the app Stories on Stix to create their own stories which include who, what, when, where, and details
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Students will be able create original short stories with the following elements: who, what, when, where, and details, using the application Stories on Stix


English Language Arts
English-Language Learning
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook: Ask students what are the elements of a good story?

Activity: Other — Brainstorming

Begin by asking students to brainstorm the elements of a good story

Write these elements on the board (who, what, when, where, details)


Student Instructions

Students will brainstorm the elements of a good story

2 Guided Practice

Tell students that they will be creating their own stories which include the elements just we just discussed

Tell students they will be using iPads and the app "Stories on Stix" to create their stories however first we are going to create a class story

Pass out iPads to each student or pairs of students depending on their needs.

Project the app on the LCD screen and call upon students help you create a story as you model and think aloud

3 Independent Practice

Students will sign out individual ipads and go to the app "Stories on Stix" as it was modeled during the previous step of the lesson and create their own story


4 Closing

Instruct students on how to save their stories and how to email their stories to me the teacher

Ask students to  volunteer to present their stories to the class