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Story Elements

Story elements within a literary text
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Students will be able to describe characters, settings, and major events in a literature text and organize their descriptions in a graphic organizer.


WV Next Gen Standard ELA.1.R.C1.3

English Language Arts
reading comprehension
using supporting evidence
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook- What is a character?

Students will view a video from BrainPOP Jr. exploring different characters and their traits.



2 Direct Instruction

Reading A-Z
Free to try, Paid

Students will read Penny the Rude Penguin from Reading A-Z (Level G) as a projectable text on the SMARTBoard.

3 Guided Practice

Reading A-Z
Free to try, Paid

Using the projectable graphic organizer, students will discuss character traits of Penny and organize that information onto the graphic organizer.

4 Independent Practice


The students will help to create a list of favorite characters from that they have identified from stories that they have read.  Students will then work in small groups to describe that character in a graphic organizer created using Popplet on an iPad.

5 Wrap-Up- Student Sharing

Activity: Presenting

Students will present their character analysis to the class by utilizing the Apple TV to mirror their Popplet presentation on the SMARTBoard.