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Stories on a Stix

Students are challenged to create a story given a variety of random story elements.
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Students will be able to write a story that includes each element of the prompt including who, what, when, where and a detail.  



English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 4
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1 Choose your Story Stix

 1.  Begin by modeling  how the app  works on the smartboard for the children.  

2.  The app opens up with blank sticks that are labeled who, what, when, where, detail. Tap on the “Choose Stix” tab for the app to generate prompts for each stick.

3.  Using the story elements selected, brainstorm an idea for a story.


2 Tell the Story

1.  With a partner use the sock puppets and talk out a few different options for your story.  Be sure to include all of the story elements you chose.  

2.  Use the sock puppets to experiment and brainstorm different story ideas.

3.  Pick the best version of you story to write.

3 Write your story

 1.  Once satisfied with the story idea tap the “Start Writing” tab.

2.  Next, the app will create a notebook for the student’s written response. Tap the title to edit and then tap on the first line to begin writing.

 3.  Finally,tap on the “Share Story” tab to send the story in an email.

4 Illustrate, Record and Share

1.  Cut and paste small portions of your story onto new pages in Educreations.

  2.  Add appropriate pictures that go along with your text for each page.

3.  Last, record your story and save to share with the class.