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Stop the Bullying

Understanding the importance of stepping up
Yolanda [GAE] D.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

• Project the three images • In your digital notebook, describe what you see in 10 words or less. Use the label next to the images to distinguish between the images.

2 Direct Instruction

Inspiration Maps VPP
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Tell the students that they will be watching a short vimeo about bullying. • Before the vimeo, discuss the three types of bullying, (1) Verbal bullying, (2) Social bullying, (3) Physical bullying. • In your digital note book, create a graphic organize and list the different example for each type of bullying (have the add some prior knowledge examples) OR use Inspiration Maps, copy into your notebook. • During the vimeo look for the different types and be able to describe the situation(s). Bullying for Middle School http://vimeo.com/14975965 • When the vimeo asked to pause, turn to your partner (3 minutes) and discuss what you saw • Go Over as a class what they witness in the vimeo

3 Guided Practice

Create a digital poster use GLOSTER of your graphic organizer of the three types of bullying 1) create a image folder and label it bullying_images 2) use your favorite search engine; gather enough images 3) rename the images 4) create your poster

4 Independent Practice

After viewing the vimeo and creating the poster, read the following article from the school website, Understanding the Difference between Bullying and Conflict - http://schools.nyc.gov/RulesPolicies/RespectforAll/StudentResources/Help... Take the Edmodo quiz.

5 Wrap-up [Exit Slip]

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Choose one of the two activities to show you understanding about bullying.
1) Wordle: create a collage using at least 10 words to prevent bullying, then up load to Edmodo with a short paragraph explain the words you chosen.
2) Padlet: What does Bullying means to you and name some steps you can take to Stop the Bullying - What is your definition of Bullying?
Go to Edmodo to do your exit slip
And remember it is do before 7pm this evening