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Stop and Hear the Music

Students answer questions and evaluate their appreciation & value of music outside the classroom
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Students will be able to...use critical thinking skills to evaluate how they personally view and value music outside of the classroom.













Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/Direct Instruction/Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing — Hook: 1. Ask students to take a moment and reflect on the following statement: "Stop and Smell the Roses."2. Think Pair & Share with the following question:3. What does that statement mean to you? (Pick a Stick to involve and engage all students)

1. Ask students to take a moment and reflect on the following statement: "Stop and Smell the Roses."

2. Ask students to Think. Pair & Share with the following question:

What does that statement mean to you?

(Pick a Stick to involve and engage all students)

2. Explain The Washington Post Experiment, omitting the main character reveal til later.

3. Show youtube clip of The Washington Post Experiment.

4. Have students answer the following guided questions with Think Pair and Share concept:

Questions geared towards street musician in Washington Post Experiment Clip:

Would you have stopped to listen? Why?

Do you think this musician played well? Why?

Does the location make a difference?

What if this individual was a famous musician?

5. Share stats and information about world famous musician Joshua Bell.

6. Show you tube clip of Joshua Bell in concert at concert hall setting.

7. Revisit guided questions considering a world renowned violinist.

8. Big Reveal: Street Musician=Famous Musician

Reflection Assignment: Reflect on the videos, guided questions and classroom discussions. Write a reflection in regards to what you have gleaned about yourself from this original statement: "Stop and Smell the Roses"

Wrap up with watching the digital book by Kathy Stinson: The Man with the Violin