Lesson Plan


Ways to work in groups using the STOMP performances.

Students will be able to..

*Work in groups more effectively

*Understand why group is important

*Learn how to use prompts to make music

Health & Wellness
Grades 1 – 10
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1 STOMP Videos

Have the students get out pen and paper. Instruct the students to watch the video quietly and write down the tools they observed the members of STOMP using to make music, 

Student Instructions

Write down any materials or prompts that the STOMP members used to make their performances. 

2 Discussion

Activity: Conversing

After the video, discuss with the class what materials were used. See if everyone caught all the same materials. Make a list on the board. Also ask who knows what about the STOMP group. 


Activity: Other — Break into groups

Assign students into groups of 5-6 members per group. Explain that once they are in their groups they are to create a 15 second performance using no words and random prompts found around the classroom. I may bring in extra brooms and rulers and such to have available to the students. 

Student Instructions

Quietly work in your group to create a 15 second performance using prompts around the room. There needs to be some uniform to the performance and should be taken seriously. 

4 Group Work Time

Activity: Other — List or Picture of materials

During their work time I will give them about 5 minutes and have the board have a display of possible items the students can use to make their performance. (brooms are a popular item but certainly not the only )


Activity: Presenting

Have students present their performances to the class then have the class reflect on why the activity was done. (To help improve teamwork and the importance on working together)

Student Instructions

Please present your 15 performance and be respectful while others are presenting their own performances. HAVE FUN!