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Ashrita D.
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Students will be able to...

  • Create an object with paper chains
  • PAPER CHAIN STEM CHALLENGE Materials for each group of 4-5 students: • 2 pieces of recycled paper • 1 pair of scissors • 1 ruler • 1 stapler and glue stick, measuring 12 inches long Instructions: • Give each group the materials listed above. Allow students approximately 10 minutes to plan their design individually and as a team. Use the included planning page. • Students will have 30 minutes to make the longest paper chain possible using only the materials provided. •At the end of the 30 minute time limit have the  group come to the front of the class to present their creation. The group then explains the process on the App Explain Everything with a recording and drawing of the process. 
English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Paper Chain Challenge

Each student in the group will participate. Explain your challenge from the beginning. What did you have to do with the paper chains? 

  • Choose 2 students to record and tell us the process
  • 2 artists to draw the final picture of the groups creation.
  • A student to save this recording in our class's Google Drive.
Student Instructions

The students followed the steps well and made a recording and drawing of their product. Once the recording was uploaded the students then drew their steps of the challenge on a piece of paper as a recap of the activity.