Lesson Plan

Stay Safe Online

Students will watch the video: “Privacy Playground, The First Adventure of the Three Cyber Pigs”. Students and teacher will discuss choices the pigs made while they were online and if they were safe or unsafe. Students will make an online safety poster u
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Students will be able to...

Learn how to spot online marketing strategies

Learn how to protect their personal information

Learn how to avoid online predators

English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades 2
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2 Direct Instruction

While watching the Privacy Playground video, Teacher will lead discussions when questions are posed by the characters about what the cyber pigs should and should not do in various situations to be safe online.

3 Guided Practice

After the video teacher will guide students in discussing the following questions:

Lil Pig enters a contest to win a Bristle Dream Home.  Have you seen any contests while surfing on the web?

Les filled out a survey because it said he would win things, do you think it’s a good idea to fill out surveys online? Were some of the questions strange?

What types of surveys have you found online?

4 Independent Practice

Students will go to their computers and use Google Draw to create a poster about online safety.

Discussion: students will share their work and discuss how their poster encourages online safety.

Teacher will remind students about what we learned when we worked with Common Sense Media's Unit 1 Lesson 3, Keep it Private.