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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

State Studies

An App flow to publish content created during the research and learning process
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Students will be able to... successfully research information on one of the fifty states.  Students will collaboratively organize research on to a Google Document.  Students will create digital collages via Pic Collage App to showcase the various things learned about their state.  Students will import saved collages into the 30 Hands App.  Students will create and save an audio recording narrating each collage image imported.  Students will save and upload final video/audio clip to Edmodo and/or YouTube.  Final projects will be published to create a rich and broad audience for student work.

Social Studies
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will use Google Drive (Google Docs) to create a blank document for note taking purposes. Prior to collaborating, students will watch this video highlighting the colaborative piece of Google Docs: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/fostering-student-collaboration  

Following the video and discusison, students will work collaboratively researching various aspects of his/her state.  Research should include, and is not limited to, state symbols, state nickname, statehood date, major industries, famous people from or living in the state, state governor, largest cities, famous landmarks and climate.

2 Direct Instruction/Guided Practice

Using an iPad and the Pic Collage App, or Photo Gid, students will create 8-12 collages summarizing various aspects of the knowledge gained from their research.  Collages should contain 1-3 images and short blurbs of text that give the audience a general idea of the research highlighted. Each college will be saved in the camera roll for further creation and knowledge demonstration.

3 Independent Practice

Using an iPad and the 30 Hands App or Voice Thread, students will import their 8-12 collage images and narrate each image summarizing each one.  The summary should demonstrate the knowledge gained throughout the process and allow students an opportunity to present their information in a unique digital format. All 30 Hands recordings should be saved to the camera roll.  Saving to the camera roll will allow for optional sharing via Edmodo and/or YouTube.  This publishing piece will open doors for a broader and rich audience.  Don't just let the content die on the iPad or device.  Take time to explore various options for publishing student work in order to gain the broad audience that students thrive for.

4 Wrap up

Students will use Edmodo as the platform for "publishing" finished products.  Students will upload finished videos to their class Edmodo site. Published videos on Edmodo will be available for student, parent and teacher viewing and assessing.