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Stand Up News Report

On scene stand up news report video.
Christopher C.
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Miller Creek Middle School
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

  1. Organize on air content for news report
    1. Research news item
    2. Prepare for interview
    3. Schedule interview
    4. Plan effective camera shots and coordinate with camera person
    5. Prepare introduction to camera and exit back to studio
  2. Execute plan on camera
    1. Follow through with intro, content, and exit
    2. Be sure camera person is using desired shots
    3. Utilize proper speaking skills--enunciation, voice energy, eye contact, strong body posture
  3. Edit final product for sharing
    1. Using iMovie
      1. trim unwanted video
      2. add necessary sound adjustments
      3. include other video footage overlapped with voice if necessary
      4. share video file to news producer for inclusion in daily school news video
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 12
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1 News Reporter Assignment

  1. As a whole class we talk about the importance of the media to an informed society. We then discuss why that is important even at our school site level.
  2. Students use the included video resources to learn how to create a high quality stand up news report.
  3. We then brainstorm what are the important news items that people in our school community (students, staff, and parents) would be interested in knowing. Each student identifies a topic they are interested in bringing to the news.
  4. Students plan their report, film their report, and edit their report for sharing on a news broadcast.
Student Instructions

News Reporter Planning Document

The most important thing a reporter can be is prepared. This document should be completed before you film your report so that you are as prepared as possible. Make a copy of this document in your Drive so you can type right into it and print if necessary.

Take a look at these resources before doing your planning, they will help you organize, shoot, and edit your piece. When you are done reviewing these, make a copy of this document for your own notes and name the document “Last Name Reporter Planning Document”. (see below) Identify the three most important things you want to remember or to do while filming your stand up report and explain why each is important.

Reporter Stand Ups Tips

Newsroom Tips--Reporter Stand Ups

Creative Reporter Stand Ups

Katie Couric tells how to interview

How to tell a story


What are three important things you need to remember to do while filming your stand up report?

Use the space below to create your report plan. When done, get it approved.


Report Topic:  


Reporter Name:


Camera Person:


Location--(location should set tone for report and be connected to main idea):


Camera Shot Sequence (@ least 3 different shot types, remember wide to close to wide):


If needed, have you set up an appointment? With whom? If yes, when.:


Opening Statement--This is a 5-10 second introduction to start your report on camera. You should introduce yourself (first names only), where you are, what’s going on/the main point of your report, and add any other important information to interest/hook your audience. (Type your opening statement in the space below, then practice it to make sure the timing is right and you are attracting your audience.)


Body of Report--This restates the main idea you are trying to get across to your audience and the evidence you will use to back it up. If you are doing an interview, this is your set of questions. If you are doing more of a report of information this is where your script would go. Remember it needs to be interesting and to the point. This whole thing is only 30 seconds. Check out the resources provided above to dive deeper into this. (Type your body information in the space below.)


Closing--A quick tag line that sends it back to the anchors.


Remember to film WAY MORE than you think you will need. It is easier to cut clips out than refilm later. Be aware of clothing, lighting, wind, background distractions, etc… so your audience is totally focused on you and your story.


When you have completed this planning document, please submit your document in Google Classroom for my evaluation.


When you have finished your video report

Show it to Mr. Case for approval

Once approved, share it to your desktop

Put on flash Drive and give to Mr. Case for upload to Big Mac

Upload to shared Drive folder “Trimester A News Reports-->your period”


Congratulations you are all done!