Lesson Plan

Stadium circuits

Building complex circuits for the purpose of building a stadium
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Elsik High School
Houston, United States
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My Grades 11, 12
My Subjects Science

Students will be able to construct and parallel circuits by building a scale model stadium or other electronic circuit

Grades 11 – 12
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1 Define Cirucit terms

give vocab list

Student Instructions

research vocab terms

2 Ohm's Law Practice

Prepare practice questions for OHm's law

Student Instructions

practice ohm's law

3 Circuit blueprint creation

Instruct students to circuit builder app

Student Instructions

build a mock example of your circuit

4 Creation of stadium circuit

Activity: Creating

Instruct students on limitations of the build

Student Instructions

Have students start gathering supplies and begin building. 

5 Circuit Presenation

Have students prepare to present their circuits

Student Instructions

Student should act like they are selling their circuit.