Lesson Plan

Spring has Sprung

Students will create a digital picture of a spring activity, add a sentence about the picture and add their voice to the picture.
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Students will be able to...

  • name some characteristics of the season of spring.
  • accurately depict a spring activity.
  • explain what they do during spring.
English Language Arts
Health & Wellness
Grades K – 1
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

"We've had a long winter with a lot of snow. But the season of spring starts in two weeks. It may still be cold outside but some things are changing. These are signs of spring. What signs of spring have you noticed?"

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Inform students that they will be creating a picture of something they like about spring. Model creating a picture yourself and add a sentence about your picture.

3 Independent Practice

Activity: Other — KidPix 3D and Co:Writer

Students will use the program KidPix 3D on laptops or desktops to create a picture of something they like to do in spring. They will use the program Co:Writer, a word prediction program, to write a sentence that matches what they drew. Students will complete the sentence independently and print with teacher assistance. Be sure to save each picture in one folder as a .jpg file. 

4 Guided Practice

In between sessions, the teacher should upload all student pictures to Dropbox. You can then use the Dropbox app on an iPad to save each picture to the iPad's camera roll.

You will now begin creating a digital book. In the second session, call students up individually to build their page in the Book Creator App. Assist students in adding their picture to the page and recording an explanation of their picture. 

5 Sharing

Once the book is completed, you can export it as a video. Send the video to Dropbox and then share with families by using the link. The book will "play automatically". You can see an example of a book we created here: bit.ly/spring15gd