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Spending With Mr. Hicks

Helping students create and manage a personal budget
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Analyze why it is important to create a spending plan.  Implement the process of developing a spending plan

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating

Split participants into groups of 2‐4. Participants will remain in these groups for the remainder of the facilitation.  Instruct students to think about the 5 most important things that they will need once they become adults.  Guide their thinking by discussing careers, homes, and essential needs.  Instruct students to research a career they are interested in and find the average salary.

Student Instructions

Students should write down the 5 essential things they think they need for the future.  They should think of the career they are interested in and research the average salary for said career.  This is the basis of their budget. 

2 Direct Instruction

Direct students to the website resource consumerjungle.org to read and discuss in their groups the importance of choosing a career and protecting their future.

Student Instructions

Students should research career importance with their group and report back what they have learned.  Each student will be responsible for explaining at least one key point.  

3 Independant Practice

Have students compile the information they gathered about their chosen careers and 5 essential needs.  They should know the cost maintenance for those 5 things.  Have them use the Pearbudget website to create a budget template or provide them with the excel template created with google docs to begin to input that information.

Student Instructions

Students should start tocreate their budget template on Pearbudget or input their career and essential needs information into the excel template to start and see the costs of such.  

4 Closing

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Instruct students to use the information they have gathered from their personal budget and report back to the class.  This will be a way to compare results and see what changes can be made to a budget that may be overspent.

Student Instructions

Students are to complete their personal budget and report back to the class what they have discovered.  Each students budget will be different and can be compared to see what changes can be made, if any, to improve their personal spending plan.