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Speech Therapy Ebook

Create a Description Book
Denise Z.
Technology coordinator
Holly Hills
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
My Subjects English Language Arts

Students will be able to... use the ipad and apps to create an ibook that demonstrates the skill of how to describe nouns.

English-Language Learning
Grades K – 2
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1 Attention Getter: Share an ebook that I made and activate prior knowledge of how to describe objects.

Create an ebook : 

Page 1 picture of self and names

Page 2. take picture of describing chart and define

Page 3. take a picture of a person and label

Page 4. take a picture of a place and label

Page 5. take a picture of a thing and label

Page 6. Create a chatter pix picture and define it providing 3 descriptors (i.e. sink, you use it to wash hands, has a handle, can wash dishes in it)


Student Instructions

Have student view the ebook and challenge them to make their own.

2 Direct Instruction

1. Have student view the ebook and show them the app for them to open.

2. Review with the students how to describe nouns.  Model and complete together.  

3.  Have them get their ipad and open the ebook app.  


Student Instructions

1. Students get their ipad and find and open the ebook app. 

3 Guided Practice

1.  Have students take a picture and add their name under it. 

Students then go through steps 1-5 at their own pace with guidance from teacher and student.  Make a table of contents on the board indicating the pages and what is to be included on that page. 

Student Instructions

1. Students open the ipad take their picture and upload it to their first page. 

Students start to go independently through steps 1-5 and complete the book.  This takes multiple therapy sessions.  While students are completing the activity a large level of assistance is needed.  Some student are able to upload their picture, change fonts (make fancy) and complete independently while others need direct instruction. 

4 Independent Practice

Teacher facilitates students through the five pages. As the students complete one page They move onto the next.

Student Instructions

Students continue to take pictures, label and save as they are creating their ebook. 

5 Wrap Up

Teacher has students save the final project to their see saw account so it can be viewed by parents.

Student Instructions

Each student book is shared with the small group.