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Spanish-Speaking Country Presentations

Prezify your country presentations!
Dianne J.
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1 The Hook

Are you tired of your classmates nodding off in class when it's your turn to present? Are you looking for something that goes beyond linear presentation tools such as PowerPoint? Its time to prezify your presentations using Prezi!

2 Direct Instruction

Prezi Classic
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Create a web page link with multiple student presentations loaded. Include presentations from both PowerPoint, Prezi, and other Web 2.0 tools. Discuss the differences between linear and non-linear presentation tools. Next, introduce the assignment: Create an interactive presentation on a Spanish-speaking country of your choice. Include the following information: 1. Background Information 2. Important points of interest and tourist sites 3. Government information 4. Geographic location, description, and images 5. Culture (holidays, religion, language, activities, etc). You must include an MLA 7th edition bibliography of all your research sources, images, and videos

3 Guided Practice

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

On the first day, bring your class to the library and work on computer workstations. Assist students with creating their free educator accounts. Follow these instructions: To Create a Free Student Account: 1. Go to http://www.prezi.com 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Get Started 3. Bottom right, select Students & Teachers 4. Select Edu Enjoy>Continue 5. Complete the information using the school webpage www.maclay.org and wait for the activation email. You MUST use your school email address not your gmail To Get Help: https://prezi.com/support/article/steps/get-started-with-prezi/?lang=en After you log in to Prezi, the top menu allows you to Explore (other prezis), Learn & Support, see all of your prezis, or Start a New Prezi The basics of Prezi: Basics: Zooming Around Tool: appears on the right side and allows you to zoom in or out and return to Home. You can also use the mouse scroll bar for zooming. Remember that Prezi is a nonlinear blank canvas, so the Home button will be very useful in a large presentation Transformation Tool: Adjusts, rotates, moves, changes items Frames: A way to group or organize ideas or paragraphs together (for example, you could use frames to separate a country’s geographic information from travel features) The Customize Button: Brings up a right sidebar that allows you to change the background color/image, use template designs, or select a Layout (a layout is similar to a PowerPoint slide template) Insert Button: Insert images, shapes, directional arrows, YouTube videos, background music/audio, etc. • Images: Remember to cite any image you find on your own. If you use the image search button, all of these images have copyright allowance for reuse. • YouTube videos: Be sure you insert the correct link for the video. Once you find a video you can use, simply scroll down and find the Share link and copy/paste the url. Live web urls: This is not very effective in a presentation because it goes outside the prezi, but you can use a text box and insert a complete url for a hyperlink. Paths: Paths allow you to set up the order of your presentation. Simply select the Edit Path on the left path toolbar. You can add a path to individual frames and then select an animation with the frame if you like, simply by clicking on the frame. Templates: Be very careful when using templates that they support the type of information/presentation you need. They can be hard to edit and customize so a blank presentation usually works best. Allow students to create a simple Prezi about themselves first, so they can explore the features and tools.

4 Independent Practice

Have students begin their research using your library subscription to Encyclopedia Brittanica. Google Maps will help them select map images of certain locations on their presentation. They may even decide to download a Google Map as the presentation backdrop and enter points of interest with text, images, and video directly to the map. Students may use either the web-based Prezi or Prezi for iPad, but caution them that whichever tool they use they will need access to from home, as well. Offer both choices in the library. Remind students that they are required to complete a bibliography and instruct them on uploading text to a Prezi. This would be the last point of their presentation path. Remember to be available via your Ask-the-Librarian or email services after hours as students finalize their projects away from campus.

5 Wrap Up

Prezi Classic
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Have students present their Prezi projects in class using the web-based login on a projector and SMART board. After their presentations, open class discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of using various presentation tools and apps. What did they like about Prezi? What would they do different? Additionally, a self-assessment rubric assignment is always a good wrap-up idea.