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Spanish Country Research Project: QR reader + Pic Collage + Explain Everything

Students jigsaw Spanish-speaking country knowledge through creation apps
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Students will be able to use the QR reader app to quickly access quality information on their mobile device. (iPad, Chromebook, etc.)

Students will be able to select and synthesize interesting facts about their country into Pic Collages (in Spanish) for each category. 

Students will be able to write basic Spanish sentences from these categories in their Pic Collages: transporation, weather, clothing, food, money and time.

Students will be able to verbally describe their Pic Collages in Spanish, by importing them into Explain Everything and dubbing audio over the pictures.

Students will be able to give and receive feedback to peers (in Spanish) as they take turns presenting their jigsaw country to each other.


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1 QR Reader - Country Research Jigsaw

**You can use any QR code scanner you want for this!

Download and print the QR code handouts for each country.  ALL WEBSITES ARE IN ENGLISH.

Assign students either individually or in pairs to a country. There are 24 to choose from (includes USA, Brazil, Belize)

Students use the QR reader app to scan and learn about their country. Suggested to download pictures they like from the websites;  probably best to hand-write out relevant facts on paper so they can be translated. 

2 Pic Collage - Country Information Synthesis

**You could easily sub Glogster or a Google Slide if you don't have an iPad. Take a screen shot when done.

Students create 1 Pic Collage for each category; transportation, weather, clothing, cuisine, money/time. 

**Highly suggested to make them landscape for importing ease!

In the Pic Collage, students write complete sentences in Spanish regarding each category. They add pictures as needed to support their sentences. 

For example: 

Transportation - En Argentina, muchas personas viajen en autobus y coche.  (support with pictures)

Weather - En Argentina, hace much frio en junio, julio y agosto. Hace mucho calor en noviembre, diciembre y enero.

Cuisine - En Argentina, la comida popular incluye asado, papas, arroz y empanadas. Toman yerba mate y submarino.

**Make sure to save each Pic Collage either internally or to the camera roll!

Example: Click here


3 Explain Everything - Country Presentation Creation

Students create a new Explain Everything presentation.

Add a new slide for each Pic Collage, importing the topics in the order the student wants to present them. 

Record the audio (practice ahead of time is advised!), one slide at a time, then listen to it. Students can zoom in and out of parts of the picture while they talk, if desired. 

When done, click the "Export Movie" option (bottom/right) and save the completed presentation to the camera roll.

Then share however you desire! Upload to LMS or Google Drive, YouTube, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.

Students can present to each other by showing the video, and then giving feedback to each other in Spanish.

Example: Me gusta ....      Mi parte favorita es...