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Sound/Symbol Phonics Lesson

Children will write, say and review letter/sound recognition.
Elizabeth Z.
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Students will use the ipad to learn sound symbol recognition. Children will trace over letters, repeat the sounds for each letter, and use what they've learn to read CVC words. 

English Language Arts
English Language Learning
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Direct Instruction: Echo, your teacher using the sound/symbol Fundation Cards.

Activity: Reading

Review Fundation word cards with the students. The children practice sound/symbol letters using echo method. The teacher says the letter, word associated with the letter, and the sound associated with each letter. The teacher says the letter, picture, and sound (a- apple-/a/). Then the students quickly echo. This creates a quick review and keeps the lessom moving quickly.

2 Guided Practice: Use the ipad to reinforce sound/symbol relationship

*Children spend 10 minutes using abc PocketPhonics. During this time the app will introduce/review letter sounds and writing. The app also includes the spelling of CVC words.

*Children will spend 10 minutes using Interactive Alphabet. Students are learning letters, writing words, and touch typing from A to Z. 

*The teacher can circulate around the room to help those students that need help.

3 Independent Practice: Use what you have learned to read level A/B books.

*Students log in and begin reading a book from their library. 

*Teacher sets up the Library 

4 Wrap-up: Use Fundation Cards and Educreations Interactive Whiteboard app.

*The teacher holds up the Fundation card and students echo. 

*After echoing letter, picture word, sound symbol.

*Students write the lettter on their board using Educreations app.