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Solving Systems of equations by graphing

Soling Systems of equations by graphing
Stephanie W.
Classroom teacher
Boiling Springs High School
Boiling Springs, United States
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Students will be able to solve systems of equations using graphing.

Grades 10 – 12
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1 Graphing systems of equations video

Virtual Nerd
Free, Paid

Teacher will assign students the videos to watch at home since the school district is now 1:1 with technology.

2 worksheet

Teacher will provide a worksheet for students to practice graphing systems of equations.

Teacher will facilitate in the classroom and answer questions as they come up in class.

Student Instructions

Students will complete a worksheet on solving systems of equations by graphing.  Use notability to write on the worksheet.

Systems of equations by graphing



3 Glogster

Free to Try, Paid

Direct students to the glogster website or app.

Student Instructions

Students will create a glogster showing  how to graph  system of equations by graphing.  They will be presented to the class.

4 Closing

Free, Paid

Provide the students with the Kahoot code to play in the classroom.

Student Instructions

Students will log into the kahoot website and sign in using the game code.  They will participate in class discussion on each question.