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Solving Linear Equations

Students will solve linear equations.
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Students will be able to solve equations by undoing the operations in the reverse order of how the expression would have been evaluated.

Grades 7
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1 Warm up

Activity: Conversing

Review the answers as a class.

Student Instructions

With a partner write and solve a real-life word problem using the equation 13x = 39. Then rewrite the word problem using division.

2 Create a Book on solving linear equations

Show the students an example of how to build the book.


Student Instructions

Create a book on book builder cast. (Create the book in both languages for ELL students)

1) To introduce the lesson use the critical component to literacy: vocabulary

2) The vocabulary word is equation.

3) Define the word equation.

4) Show the steps on how to solve an equation.

5) Give an example on how to solve and actual problem.

3 Book builder Presentations

Activity: Presenting

Students will be presenting the book to the class.

Student Instructions

Present the book by groups. (5 minutes presentation)

4 Solving a Two-Step Equation

Activity: Exploring

1) Ask students how they would evaluate the expression

x/8 - 1/2 if they knew the value of x.

2) Ask students what is the first step in solving the equation.

3) Ask students what is the second step in solving the equation. Have students Think-Pair-Share.

Student Instructions

Solve the two-step equation, such as x/8 - 1/2 = -7/2.

5 Closure

Activity: Assessing

This is a good way of summarizing how to solve two-step equations.

Student Instructions

Explain how the solutions of 4x - 5 = 7 and 4/3x - 5/3 = 7/3 are similar.