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Solving Equations with Scratch

coding equations helps students understand them fully.
Jaclyn C.
Classroom teacher
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Math, Science

Students will be able to...

  • solve equations for area, perimeter, volume, 
  • use pythagorean theorem equation
  • use formula for sum of interior angles of a polygon 
  • use introduction to coding programs to create apps 
Grades 7 – 10
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1 View examples on Edmodo

Create a few examples in Scratch where users add in the variable (example: length, width) and the app solves the equation for area, perimeter, volume or other. 

Show students examples of Scratch creation by posting them into class space in Edmodo. Also link Scratch tips and tricks, links to the site, etc. here. You could also put links to the formulas you want students to code in Scratch here. 

Student Instructions
  • go to Edmodo and view the sample "apps" created in Scratch 
  • note that if you enter in the variables the app will calculate the volume, area, length, etc. 

2 Follow Instructions to create a Scratch app

Provide students with an example to copy or follow to create a Scratch app. They can follow the code exactly to get a feel for how this works. 

Student Instructions
  • follow along with your teacher and create your first Scratch app 

3 Create your own Scratch app to solve an equation

Provide students with a list of equations to choose from and help them create a Scratch app to solve the equation when given the variables. 

Student Instructions
  • choose an equation
  • code a Scratch app to solve that equation when given variables
  • share your creation
  • add your creation to your teachers group