Lesson Plan

Solar System Inquiry Unit

Learning was improved by having access to current websites that had updated information about planets
Cathy L.
Technology coordinator
Northside Catholic Academy
Chicago, United States
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My Grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts


Students will be able to:

use websites to research moon myths and facts

use internet websites to research and watch videos about comets, meteorites and asteroids

figure out their planetary weights  

do group research on planets using internet  and create  a group Planet Play  to present their information/data 





Grades 3
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 hook: Teacher Instructions: Ask your students a question such as, “what if the shoe didn’t fit Cinderella?” or “what if Goldilocks didn’t run into the 3 bears?”. In a popcorn-style format, have students throw out potential plot lines. Student Instruc

Activity: Exploring

Whole group asking: What is  out in space? What is space?  Read the book : Child's Introduction to the Night Sky: The Story of the Stars, Planets, and Constellations--and How You Can Find Them in the Sky.  Discuss the book.  Tell students we are going to use several websites to investigate / explore the plants in space.    

Created worksheets for notes, guided questions,  Solar System researching a topic sheet by Teacher Helper. Created a rubric for Solar System Script and Performance







Student Instructions

Students will respond with different answers

2 Direct Instruction

We have the links on the students home folder in school and send home a copy of the links.  This allows the students to access the page quickly.  

We use the interacted boards to view YouTude videos of meteorites, comets and asteroids.

The students view the sites during computer time and at home. The students are divide into groups by their topic interest. 


3 Guided Practice

4 Independent Practice

Students are give time to explore difference websites to guided their learning, they are given time to share and explore within their group. Bring the whole class back to review the rubric and ask any questions.   They are given class time to create their skit using the knowledge they have learned from this unit. Remind them to review the rubric before and during their creative period

Student Instructions

Students are working together to share the  knowledge they have gained. They are given time to ask questions form each other or in the whole group


Students will take either quiz to see how they have leaned. They will create a skit using the rubrics give out earlier.  

Student Instructions

Students were actively engaged in planet research and used their information to write group plays.