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Solar System-End of Unit Project

3rd Grade Solar System
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Students will be able to...

1. Identify the 8 planets by making their own solar system presentation. 

2. Using the school's computer in the computer lab, students will make a PowerPoint show they know the 8 planets in order and 2 facts about each planet.


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1 Hook

Using the Paxi-Solar System video as a Hook.

The Students will then review the solar system using the Arloon Solar System App.

Finally the students will make a presentation using PowerPoint.

Student Instructions

We will watch the short video Paxi.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — In class group review

The teacher will use pre-printed visual aids, the students will help the teacher put the planets in order. The class will review the facts discussed about each planet as the students place the planets in order.

Student Instructions

Class review.

3 Guided Practice

The students will then review on their own using the Arloon Solar System app.

Student Instructions

I would like you to review the solar system once more before you begin your project. This is an individual review.

4 Individual Practice & Wrap Up

The students will be responsible for displaying their understanding of the solar system using PowerPoint.

Student Instructions

You will be responsible for making a presentation to show your understanding of the solar system using PowerPoint.