Lesson Plan

Social Studies in an Elementary Classroom

Students will learn maps, places and historical figures

Students will be able to play games that help with with past events, see maps and be able to zoom in to see structures, beaches and buildings, and then test their writing skills using Write About This.

Social Studies
Grades 1 – 5
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1 Earth

Students will be able to explore earth using Google Earth and National Geographic.

2 Getting to know the Countries that make up Earth

 After exploring and  learning about earth and where the countries are located, use the Stack the Countries app, they will learn more about the countries, shapes, landmarks and facts.

3 History game time!

Using these fun games will help them to learn more about a country's hisotry and how to protect their earth.

4 Wrap it up

Students will then find a picture or topic in the Write About This App. They will choose a topic based on history or geography.