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Snowman States of Matter

Using a ice sculpture snowman and technology, students learn about the 3 states of matter.
Stephanie F.
Educational Technology Integration Consultant
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Students will be able to...

  • Identify and explain the 3 states of matter
  • Present about the 3 states of matter in an online narrated slideshow.
English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – 3
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1 Prep

Activity: Other — Teacher Prep

Using balloons, or round molds, freeze water into three snowman like spheres.  Allow spheres to freeze solidly for 48 hours.

Next, assemble your snowman. Use salt to connect ice spheres together. 

Decorate your snowman any way you desire, using salt to help things stick when necessary. 

2 Instruction

When the students arrive in the classroom in the morning, make sure the snowman is in a prominent location in the classroom.

As a class, come up with a name for your snowman. 

Let students know that today they will be observing the snowman throughout the day (morning, afternoon, and end of day.

Using Adobe Voice, have students make a prediction about what will happen to the snowman. Students should also take a picture of the snowman at the beginning of the day and record themselves describing the snowman. (Note: students will use this Adobe Voice all day to record and make observations, so they should not close or complete the project until the end of the day). 

Allow students to continue to observe the snowman throughout the day. In the afternoon allow students to record their observations. Also encourage students to reevaluate their predictions. Make sure students record their predictions in their Adobe Voice.

Finally, at the end of the day, the snowman should be completely melted.  Transfer the snowman water to a electric skillet and begin to boil the water. Allow students to take photos of the steam of the boiling water. Caution: be sure students are at a safe distance from the hot pan/water. Have students document this change in their Adobe Voice.

Ask students to reflect on how the Snowman has changed throughout the day. Explain to students that what they have seen is a change in matter. Define matter for the students. Explain that matter has 3 different properties, solid, liquid, and gas. Ask students to define which state the snowman as as throughout the day. 

Have students explain the different properties of matter in their Adobe Voice. 

Once completed, have students submit their Adobe Voice projects to their SeeSaw Journals.



Student Instructions

Answer the following questions throughout the day when observing the snowman. Record your answers in your Adobe Voice. Submit the link to your Adobe Voice to your SeeSaw Journal

  • What do you predict will happen to the snowman throughout the day?
  • How would you describe the snowman in the morning? What does it look like? 
  • How would you describe the snowman in the afternoon? What changes have taken place since this morning? Do you think your prediction will still happen?
  • How would you describe the snowman at the end of the day?  Did your prediction come true?
  • What is matter?
  • What are the three states of matter?

3 Evaluate

Activity: Assessing

Evaluate student Adobe Voice Projects for understanding of three states of matter.