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Slope Intercept Form

Students will have an understanding of the slope intercept form.
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Students will be able to...

Define the rate of change, constant rate of change, unit rate, slope and proportions.

Explain the slope of a graph by discussing the unit rate.

Graph linear equations in slope intercept form.

Grades 8
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1 What is a Function - Hook

Teacher will show video on what and how to define function.

Teacher will introduce new vocabulary to students: slope, slope intercept form.

Teacher will tap into students prior knowledge to ensure students understand that a function involves one input paired with exactly one output.



Student Instructions

Students will watch the video.

Students will take notes from the video.

2 Slope Intercept Form Equations

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will write "y = mx + b" on the board.

Teacher will explain to students the different parts of this equation and what they stand for.

Teacher will then write y = 2/3x - 4 on the board.

Teacher will ask what is the slope/rate of change in this equation. Give student time to respond.

Based on students responses, teacher will elaborate on the explanation. 

Teacher will show the students that the rise over run is the same thing as the slope and rate of change.

Teacher will ask what is the y-intercept in the equation. Give students time to respond.

Based on students responses, teacher will elaborate on the explanation.

Student Instructions

Student will respond to teacher's question.

Students will copy what teacher modeled on the board, into their notebooks.


3 Graphing the Equation

Activity: Drawing

Based on the information given before, teacher will show how to graph the equation on the coordinate plane.

Teacher will give student a few problems to graph on their own. 


Student Instructions

Students will copy the graph into their notes.

Students will try to graph equations on their own.

4 Graphing using technology

Ask students to now graph the same equations now using geogebra to see if they come up with the same graphs.

Teacher will walk around to check student's work.

Student Instructions

Students will graph the equations that they graphed on their own, they will use geogebra to graph the equations. 

5 Mini Quiz

Free, Paid

Teacher will instruct students to use their cell phones to access a teacher made quiz on Quizlet.

Student Instructions

Students will log on and follow link to access Quizlet quiz.

6 Closing

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will give ticket out the door (TOTD) for students to complete to check for student understanding.

How can you graph y = 1/4x + 3 using the slope and y-intercept.

Student Instructions

Students will give their explanation on an index card.