Lesson Plan

Slope Culminating Project

Using everything that students have learned throughout several slope topics (including equations, formulas, y-intercept, parallel & perpendicular lines and scatter plots) to create a culminating project, showing students' "most important things."
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Students will be able to...

  • Identify most important topics from slope unit
  • Share key information about parallel and perpendicular slopes as well as scatter plots.
  • Represent slope in multiple ways
Grades 8 – 10
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1 Anticipatory Set/Hook

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1. Teacher brings up a pre-made Kahoot "quiz" (about 15-20 questions) in the front of the room.

2. Students log on and participate in the "quiz" activity. The teacher asks students to explain any misconceptions throughout the quiz as they present themselves.

Student Instructions

1. Students log on and complete the Kahoot "quiz" with teacher.

2. Students engage in teacher-led discussion after any question that needs explanation.

2 Procedure

1. Teacher assigns students Popplet with the following directions: 

  • Students are instructed to represent slope in many forms.  Some representation of the directions of slope, how to find slope in multiple ways, and the slope formulas must be included.  Additionally, the project should be colorful, include multiple images and/or videos.
  • Use this link for an example Popplet:

2. Teacher allows students free reign for the majority of the next two periods of class time to complete.  Meanwhile, the teacher circulates the room, answering questions, giving suggestions, clarifying directions and helping with submission.

3. The upcoming closure activity is a short paper-pencil test.  Students will be given this test with 20 minutes remaining in the second class period.  With any extra time after completing their Popplet, students are instructed to study for their test by making flashcards (using Chegg app).

Student Instructions

1. Work for the majority of two periods on popplet culminating project, making sure to include all criteria listed by the teacher.

2. Ask questions as needed. When finished, submit to teacher (by e-mail, or through some other method).

3. With time remaining, make study flashcards using Chegg to prepare for paper-pencil test in Closure.

3 Closure

Activity: Assessing

1. Teacher assigns 10-question test, assessing what students have learned as a result of the slope unit.  The test will be a combination of multiple choice and open-ended. (The popplet along with this test combine as the student's unit assessment).

Student Instructions

1. Student completes 10-question test.